Dear friends,


 despite the fact that the situation around Covid-19 in the Czech Republic is developing very satisfactorily, it is now clear that ISM 2020 will not be possible. From 11.5.2020, meetings of up to 100 people are allowed in the Czech Republic, and from 25.5.2020 all restrictions will be completely lifted. The possibility of a meeting therefore passes us by only 5 days. We are therefore forced to announce the cancellation of this year's ISM.

 The management of the Simca Club of the Czech Republic is currently discussing the possibilities of postponing an international meeting until 2021 or 2022, but this depends on an agreement with other foreign clubs.

 All those who have already paid the booking fees for ISM 2020 will be refunded in full during the first half of May, except of the registration fee of 25, - Eur, to at least partially cover the current costs of meeting preparation.

 We are very sorry for the situation, but unfortunately none of us can influence it in any way.


 Wishing you good health and believing in an early return to normal life,


Simca club CR


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Dear friends and sympathizers of the marvelous cars Simca, Talbot, Matra and other related cars,


International Simca Meeting 2006welcome to our website created on the opportunity of the 15th International Simca Meeting organized by the Simca Club Czech Republic. Many of us still remember the year 2006 when the Meeting took place in the Czech Republic for the first time and many participants appraciated the quality of this event and said that it was picked up to the higher level even if the Czech Simca Club was rather new with a little experience. Many years have expired and a huge amount of Simca lovers from the Czech Republic participate regularly in International Simca meetings and National meetings in France. We wish to continue in this tradition in 2020 and prepare an unforgettable event for all Simca lovers.


The 15th International Simca Meeting 2020 will be held in the town Sázava, central Bohemia, in the camp „Sázavský Ostrov“  from 20th – 24th  May , 2020.


What can you meet there:International Simca Meeting 2006

  • Exposition of all types of Simca cars from Simca 5 to Talbot Tagora
  • Spare parts and promotion material exchange
  • „Concours d‘Elegance“ in individual categories
  • Possibility of professional polishing the paint of your car
  • Excursion to the beautiful romantic castle Konopiště
  • Visit to the RETRO-CAR museum Strnadice
  • Excursion to the famous Czech brewery Velké Popovice where the beer Kozel is made
  • Possibility to rent a boat on the river Sázava
  • We also think about your kids (bouncy castle  playground  trampoline and others)
  • plus some surprises…


The Camp Sázavský Ostrov offers various accomodation possibilities, like the hotel, mobilheims, classic camp accomodation, etc. Other hotels in the surroundings can offer hotel accomodation as well.


Registration form


We are looking forward to meeting you in May 2020 – the Simca Club CR team.